Bike fitting

Former prorider and sportsphysiotherapist Rupert Probst fits your bike ­according to orthopedic and physiological aspects. We start where modern ­fittingsystems reach their limit so you merge with your Airstreeem.

Package Pro 1

  • Short analysis and diagnosis of orthopaedic issues
  • Body measurement
  • Bike adjustment and seat position analysis
  • Caution: no pedal cleat adjustment

Duration: 1 hour
Price: Euro 130,00

Package Pro 2

  • Analysis and diagnosis of orthopaedic issues
  • Full body measurements
  • Adjustment of the pedal cleats
  • Bike adjustement and seating position analysis for performance enhancement
  • First-hand advice on your individual pedal stroke technique
  • Training advice from the experience of our state champion
  • Extensive consultation and help in case of body dysfunctions
  • Exercise program against orthopaedic issues
  • Special adjustments in case of asymmetric measurements of your pelvis, in case of different leg lengthes or flatfoot buckling

DAUER: ca. 2 Stunden
PREIS: Euro 250,00

Also professional road bike riders and triathletes rely on our bike fitting expertise. 

Note that we have a waiting period of 3 to 4 weeks for our in-house bike fitting service. Please contact us in advance. 

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