Handbuilt in Salzburg

We live in an unsettled period.

Driven by the greed for profit, it is the big companies that reign the market and manipulate the customers. Any new innovation can be copied easily which is what happens constantly. To be successful, it seems, is exclusively connected to being profitable.

There is, however, an alternative. At Airstreeem, we have always been motivated by passion and a very decisive spirit. It is a feeling that can be generated only if the right persons with the right attitude come together and start to set benchmarks. Benchmarks as to technical and visual solutions as well as to customer service and real friendships with our retailers.

There is a variety of values we embody that include partnership, honesty, quality, individuality and innovation. We will not buckle but face challenges with a certain Salzburg obstinacy. We have swum against the tide for years and we did so successfully. 

Race bikes and triathlon bikes are the sports cars of the bicycle world. Despite the e-bike hype, the majestic appearance of a race bike or triathlon bike has not changed. Electronic solutions are incorporated in our bikes, but the bike itself needs to be moved without electronic assistance.

It is of particular interest for us to offer individual solutions with our modular system "Handbuilt in Salzburg". A lot of sportsmen are seeking for something special and want to identify themselves with their bike brand. With great dedication and care, we build the bikes ourselves in Anthering, Austria, to ensure our customers' satisfaction. Quality is valued more than quantity.

We have been able to design magnificent products thanks to a close network of athletes, technicians, designers and bike enthusiasts. Despite the fact that the bicycle exists for more than 100 years, we have never stopped to discover new shapes and styles. We are convinced that being courageous and curious are key attitudes for success.

Our competitors were sceptical as they saw us develop both frames and wheels as it appeared to be a no-go area in the bike industry. We have proven to be right with our approach, as the development of both components in one go turns out to create a great technial advantage.

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