Airstreeem goes Tauern Spa

BikeDay around Kaprun & Zeller See

Airstreeem goes Tauern Spa

Bike Day with Mathias Nothegger on the Großglockner on 5.9.
Lecture by Stefan Probst the evening before, 4.9. in the Tauern Spa.

Airstreeem goes Tauern Spa


Airstreeem organizes a bike day together with the Tauern Spa!

When: 5. September, 9.30 Uhr
Where: Tauern Spa

Group 1: Beginners - 30 km flat / 20 kmH
Group 2: Hobby - cozy on the Grossglockner
Group 3: Racer - Großglockner with speed

Basically, a "walk in" applies - we ask for a short registration by name in advance by email to so that we can plan better. Participation at your own risk - the STVO applies.

On the evening before, Airstreeem founder Stefan Probst gives an exciting lecture, also in the Tauern Spa.

When: 4. September, 20.30 Uhr
Where: Tauern Spa

Evening theme: "Carbon production and handbuilt in Salzburg, what is behind handbuilt in Salzburg?"

 We look forward to seeing you! Please book reservations for overnight stays directly at the Tauern Spa,



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