Our Story

In 2008, Airstreeem was established in Salzburg, Austria as a racing and triathlon brand by Stefan Probst, a professional cyclist from the KTM Continental team. Airstreeem has it's own in house research and development team based in Salzburg and only use extremely light, close mould T1000 branded carbon fibre from the world's leading brands Toray and Mitsubishi. As well as being exceptionally light, our frames have exceptional durability through the use of strengthened, high quality carbon in critical areas. For this reason, every Airstreeem frame comes with a 12 year warranty. This level and quality of material is used by most manufacturers only when building bikes for their professional team cyclists. We provide this technology for everyone. We use premium quality composite carbon layers combined with a comprehensive construction and time intensive finishing process (the frame has up to 450 Prepreg composite layers) to reduce the weight of our frames whilst retaining incredible stiffness. We use an in house designed super smooth wall technology which takes an extra 30 % more production time than standard smooth wall technology and increases the durability and the quality of the frame significantly. Our ultra light frame triangle and chain stays are characterised by incredibly high power transmission combined with ride comfort.

With an 50mm Aero Carbon front wheel weigh of only 530 grams, our wheelsets are amongst the very lightest available anywhere. In addition to the huge weight savings, our research and development team have created a patented asymmetric back wheel rim which enables us to achieve an even spoke tension across the rear wheel not matched by our competitors. The brake flanks of the aero wheels have greater brake efficiency than our competitors products too as evidenced in extensive braking trials carried out by brake specialist "Swiss stop" in Switzerland. This combination of extremely high spoke tension (up to 135kg of force) and a narrow spoke triangle results in extremely rigid aerodynamic wheels.

Professional cycling teams in Europe have been riding our bikes and wheels for years and with Steffen Justus, David Mcnamee, Gregor Buchholz and Alexander Bryukhankov joining our team, we now have 4 of the top 25 Triathletes on the planet racing our frames and wheelsets (http://wts.triathlon.org/results/rankings_2012).

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