Bike Technology


Our ULTRALIGHT HIGH MODOLUS FRAME TRIANGLE and the rear frame carbon fibre layout generate high efficiency and extremely good tracking attitudes as well as great riding comfort and flex while the frame itself remains particularly lightweight. We use nothing but high-class and very expensive carbon fibres that are put together following the SMOOTH-WALL-TECHNOLOGY procedure. All this leads to a long durability and quality of the frame that allows for a prolonged warranty of our frames.

SL Superlight nano carbon technology

Our lightweight series: the overall frame weight is reduced by the high-class PrePreg carbon fibre mats and a time-consuming manufacturing process. The SUPER-SMOOTH-WALL-TECHNOLOGY requiers 30% more time to be realized compared to the SMOOTH-WALL-TECHNOLOGY. Just as with the ULTRALIGHT-CARBON FIBRE MANUFACTURING, we rely on the HIGH-MODOLUS- and HOTMELT technology.

Aero Geometry

The aerodynamics standard: all of our aero frames are remarkable not only for their aerodynamic qualities, but also for their steering tube stiffness, the BB stiffness and the overall torsion stiffness. Particularly in side wind conditions, the athletes safe energy riding their aero bike. At the same time, our aero frames feature a wide geometry spectrum that is unique in the bike industry.

Extraverstärktes Tretlager

Alle unsere Tretlagerkonstruktionen sind mit einem speziellen Zweikammernsystem verstärkt, mit hochwertigen Prepreg-Matten konstruiert und dadurch deutlich langlebiger und stabiler. Bei den Rahmenmodellen RR Storm, Air One, Triple EEE Race, Triple EEE SL und Super TT setzen wir auf Shimano Pressfit 86,5, kombiniert mit einem in unserem Haus konstruierten massiven Monoblock-Tretlager, welches diesen Rädern eine perfekte Tretlagersteifigkeit und Antriebseffizienz garantiert.

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