Wheel Technology

6 reasons to choose an Airstreeem carbon wheelset

Reason 1

Minus 7% in the wind tunnel

We optimized the Carbon Aero 50 wheelset in cooperation with the institute for fluid mechanics and bionic surface of the TU Graz and thereby reduced the drag by 7 % compared to competitors' products.


Resistance force overall in [N] at 45 km/h
Yaw angle
(angle of attack)
Aero 50
Aero 85
82 mm
0 1.378 N 1.493 N 1.496N
5 1.356 N 1.143 N 1.213 N
20 1.704 N 1.459 N 1.574N


looking at 3 out of 5 different angles of attack, we meassured lower resistance compared to a benchmark competitor product

  • stiffer rim
  • ultra stiff, acceleration efficient wheelset
  • less air resistance than a ZIPP 808FC at 45 km/h

Reason 2

Perfect stiffness and efficiency

Unique, asymmetric rear wheel design. Both sides feature the same spoke tension that leads to the ultimate acceleration experience.

Data Carbon Aero 50 SL Clincher:
Rear wheel right and left with - 44 Nm each Front wheel right and left with 43 Nm each
Carbon Aero 50 Etappensieger / stage winner:
Rear wheel right and left with 49,4 Nm each Front wheel right and left wth 48,3 Nm each
  • + 12,3 % higher efficieny compared to the Carbon Aero 50 in 2016
  • new hub technology
  • stiffer and more lightweight axle
  • designed for even stronger aero spokes
  • easy to handle bearing adjustment
  • ceramic bearings as an option

Reason 3

Rim advantages

Double size Nano-High-Termperature surface: superior braking performance even in wet or hot conditions. Noticably higher durability on the test bench with a performance comparable to the one of an Aluminum rim. Reinforced rim flange: higher spoke tensions, more stable and stiffer rim construction, perfectly adjusted spoke angle holes, optimized stiffness and power delivery. The spoke nipples are installed by hand and glued in the rim: we make the professionals' material standards available for everyone.

Reason 4

Reduced braking distance Δ Minus 52 m

Distance to Stop, 60 km / h – 0 km / h in wet conditions

Reason 5

Proven hub technology

Double bearing: front wheel 4 bearings, rear wheel 5 bearings, industry standard bearings with extra stiff axle guidance and noticably lowered bearing wear. Spoke tension: Straight-Pull spokes with 135 kgf; competitors' standards are 90 –100 kgf. This way, the wheel stiffness and durability is increased.

Reason 6

The fastest spoke triangle in the world

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